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ISBN: 9780073403366 / 0073403369
Division: Higher Education
Pub Date: NOV-12
Pages: 528

Copyright: 2014
Edition: 4
Format: Hardback
Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies and Case Studies

David Simchi-Levi, Philip Kaminsky, Edith Simchi-Levi
(Logic Tools, Inc., :Lexington, MA)


About the book

As the most up-to-date, cutting-edge supply chain management book on the market, Designing and Managing the Supply Chain discusses the problems, models and concepts derived from issues related to effective supply chain management. While many core supply chain management issues are interrelated, the authors have tried to make each chapter as self-contained as possible so that the reader can refer directly to chapters covering topics of interest. Each chapter utilizes case studies and numerous examples. Mathematical and technical sections can be skipped without loss of continuity. Most textbooks do not include models and decision support systems robust enough for industry, but that is not true of this new edition. The accompanying CD-ROM also features two simulations, the Computerized Beer Game and the Risk Pool Game and a computerized tool. These simulations help users develop and execute supply chain contracts while also illustrating many of the concepts discussed in the text.
Key features

  • Integrated Coverage of Technology:A realistic approach to incorporating technology in today's companies. This in-depth integration allows readers to better understand how technology implementation, new trends, and customers can affect the design and management of a supply chain.
  • New and Updated Cases: Giving readers more opportunities to realistically study of how supply chain management is utilized in real companies better preparing them to be successful managers.
  • Strong Coverage of E-commerce: By incorporating the latest insights into the most current practices related to the Supply Chain and E-commerce, students get an up-to-date view of supply chain management
  • Broad Introduction to Supply Chain Management Issues: The topics discussed range from a basic discussion of inventory management, logistics network design, distribution systems, and customer value, to more advanced discussions of strategic alliances, the value of information in the supply chain, information technology and decisions support systems, and international issues in supply chain management
  • Case Studies: Each chapter contains at least one or more case study. These case studies offer real examples of supply chain challenges and provide readers numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge to a strategic question or set of questions involving supply chain management.
  • Authorship: The authors have taught a variety of students and their book is written to appeal to many types of readers. Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate business students as well as for engineers and engineering students, this text will also appeal to customers in the professional market that are seeking a reference book on supply chain management.

  • About the author

    David Simchi-Levi
    David Simchi-Levi teaches at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Philip Kaminsky
    Philip Kaminsky is Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley.

    Edith Simchi-Levi
    Edith Simchi-Levi (Lexington, MA) is a consultant with Logic Tools, Inc.

    Table of contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Inventory Management and Risk Pooling
    Chapter 3: Network Planning
    Chapter 4: Supply Contracts
    Chapter 5: The Value of Information
    Chapter 6: Supply Chain Integration
    Chapter 7: Distribution Strategies
    Chapter 8: Strategic Alliances
    Chapter 9: Procurement and Outsourcing Strategies
    Chapter 10: Global Logistics and Risk Management
    Chapter 11: Coordinated product and Supply Chain Design
    Chapter 12: Customer Value
    Chapter 13: Smart Pricing
    Chapter 14: Information Technology and Business Processes
    Chapter 15: Technology standards
    Appendix A: Computerized Beer Game
    Appendix B: Risk Pool Game
    Appendix C: Supply Contract Spreadsheet
    Appendix D: Bidding Game



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